Kassák Museum is a branch museum of Petőfi Literary Museum.
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10 September 2021
As part of Triennial of Contemporary Central European Art organised by the Olomuc Museum of Art, the Kassák Museum will present a series of online programmes during the autumn months. >>>
17 June 2021
9th ESPRit Conference about the Periodical Formats in the Market: Economies of Space & Time, Competition & Transfer
The event is organized by the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, and will be held online. Among the dozens of exciting pre-recorded presentations related to the field of periodical research, you can find our colleague, Gábor Dobó’s contribution as well. >>>
23 February 2021
EAST CENTRAL VANGUARD: New Perspectives on the Avant-Garde
East Central European Center is pleased to host a webinar series on interwar art and culture. >>>
10 November 2020
On 1 November 2020, art historian Merse Pál Szeredi took over management of the Kassák Museum, from the departing director, Edit Sasvári. Ms Sasvári will be continuing in the Kassák Museum as chief curator. >>>
21 May 2020
A review has been published on the Artmargins online about the first volume of the historical avant-garde research group hosted by the Kassák Museum >>>
16 March 2020
In view of the coronavirus epidemic, the Petőfi Literary Museum and its affiliates are closing their exhibitions and research services for an indefinite period starting on 17 March 2020. All previously announced programmes and events have been cancelled. >>>
16 May 2013
GOOD DESIGN Award to the Kassak Museum
The Kassak Museum is among this year’s winners of the prestigious GOOD DESIGN Award. >>>
11 March 2013
MuseumCafé Award 2012
Edit Sasvari, the leader of the Kassak Museum was awarded by the journal MuseumCafé in 2012. The jury says the renewal of the Kassak Museum is also significant on an international level. >>>
25 October 2012
red dot award: communication design 2012
The Kassak Museum, the museum of the avant-garde and modernism in Budapest, Hungary, is proud to announce that it is among this year’s winners of the prestigious red dot design award. >>>
22 March 2012
Lajos Kassák in photographs
Kassák Lajos was born 125 years ago. An exhibition on Érsekújvár in the Ernest Zmeták Art Gallery. >>>
21 March 2012
A selection of artworks by Checz and Slovak artists. >>>
21 March 2012
An exhibition of Kassák’s works in the Institute of Political History.
An exhibition of Kassák’s works in the Institute of Political History. >>>
1 December 2011
During his stay in Budapest, Mark Rappolt, editor of ArtReview, visited the exhibitions of Kassak Museum. >>>
26 November 2011
Marinko Sudac visited Kassák Museum
On the occasion of the opening of the Ferenc Kiss avant-garde collection, Marinko Sudac (in the middle), owner of the most significant avant-garde collection in the region, visited Kassák Museum. His collection will be the next in January in our new series "The avant-garde in private collections". >>>
18 November 2011
The two Kassák exhibitions in Berlin had more than 45 000 visitors
Altogether more than 45 000 people have visited the Kassák exhibitions in the Berlinische Galerie and in the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. >>>
10 November 2011
Two curators from the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb visited the Kassák Museum
The curators from the the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb are organising an exhibition on the influence and legacy of Bauhaus >>>
22 June 2011
Lajos Kassák in Berlin
During the summer of 2011, two Kassák exhibitions are on view in Berlin >>>
15 April 2011
The Kassák Museum is awaiting its visitors again
After some years, the Kassák Museum is awaiting its visitors again with a new permanent exhibition. The exhibition provides a comprehensive view of the versatile oeuvre, the editorial, art and literary activities and the public roles of the great figure of Hungarian avant-garde. >>>
PIM Kassák Museum is a branch museum of Petőfi Literary Museum. >>
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